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Find With Phone Number records can include full name and address, location, phone history, and access to background checks and criminal records. Find out who is calling you right now! Use this trusted and confidential reverse lookup to research a phone number and unknown phone calls from anywhere. Find someone's name with a phone number and figure out why they're calling.

You don't have to be harassed by unwanted phone calls anymore, with this reverse phone number search you can search phone number name, address and history with numbers from Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobile quickly and easily -- even unlisted phone numbers. And beyond someone's name, you can also find an address with a phone number, even financial data and people's relatives are available online.

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A specialized reverse phone lookup service is needed to find name address from phone numbers, if you can’t find the name and address of the owner of a given phone number (land-line or cellular) in phone-books or whitepages. These services operate by buying access to subscriber databases of various phone companies and mobile operators. These services use various source of information and provide the users to search through a huge database consisting of almost all phone numbers in the United States. The database contains land-line numbers, cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers.

Reverse phone lookup services charge the users subscription fees for getting access to the name and address of the phone number in their databases. This is because they are bound by agreement with the phone companies and this prevents them from offering free information, especially for privacy reasons. Hence the user must have a PayPal account or a valid credit card in order to get registered and use their services. This makes sure that the users don’t utilize the service for illegal purposes like stalking. Moreover, the phone companies charge the reverse phone lookup service for giving access to their database and therefore, these services charge a subscription fee to reimburse the cost.

Are there free options to paid reverse phone lookup services?

If the users don’t want to use paid services, there are few free options to serve the purpose. The user can search the number in public phone books or whitepages or can use search engines like Yahoo or Google. But the user will not get any results from search engine if the number is a cell phone number unless you use a private or paid cell phone number book unless the number is not listed in the search engine. But it is better to try the search and see if the name and address of the given phone number can be found.

What type of information can be obtained using cell phone lookup service?

This kind of service offers the name and address of the owner of the given phone number. Some services also provide other information like the list of members of the household of the person.

How the user can use a reverse phone lookup service?

All the person has to do is to just enter the phone number which he wants to search into the online form. Many services will figure out with following information for free.

  • Whether the phone number entered is the land-line number or a cellular number.
  • The exact address of the owner of the phone number (city and state) where the phone has been registered.
  • Any other information about the owner of the phone number in question.

The user has to subscribe to the service in order to get access to the service and search address from phone number; usually a yearly fee is required. The registration is only a nominal necessity to ensure that the service will not be used for illegal purposes.

Are these services legal?

Yes, it's completely legal as long as you use the information for lawful purposes. But you are not permitted to use this information to make telemarketing calls.

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